Oussama Hamza, MIdst, JD/LLL

Barrister, Solicitor and Notary Public

  • Great writer
  • Great advocate
  • Great negotiator
  • Straight to the point


“Agree, for the law is expensive”—Chinese proverb

Wills and Estates

Why write a Will?

If you die without a legal Will, the government will dispose of your estate according to the law. This can result in your estate falling in the wrong hands, as well as lawsuits and loss of significant portions of your estate. Tell me how you want to dispose of your estate and I'll write your Will and make sure it's legal.

Civil and Criminal Law

Sue or settle?

If you don't sue within the limitation period, you can't claim damages. The squeaky tire gets the grease. Whether it's a criminal or a civil matter, you're better off with a certain settlement than an uncertain verdict. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Legal Research and Translation

Why outsource?

Legal translation is best done by a lawyer who studied common law in English and French. Outsourcing legal research, such as memos, saves time and money. As you can tell from my education, research is my forte. Synthesizing lots of complex information to find practical solutions is my specialty.

Business, Tax and Employment Law

Why negotiate?

Before becoming a lawyer, I used to work at H&R Block. When it comes to business or employment litigation, the law favours the vulnerable party, such as the customer or employee, whom it protects. So, it's often in the powerful party's best interest to negotiate.

Collaborative Family Law

Why collaborate?

Collaborative family law means the parties agree to negotiate a Separation Agreement and not go to court. This often beats hefty costs, decisions imposed by strangers and the bitterness of a zero-sum game.

Notary Public and Commissioner of Oaths and Affidavits

Why notarize documents?

A notary signs or seals a document as proof it's authentic or a true copy. This can cost as little as $40. It's better if the notary's a lawyer. Proving a document is authentic or a true copy after it's disputed, by contrast, is risky and can cost thousands of dollars.


Why mediate?

Mediation is an effective alternative to litigation. The mediator helps parties communicate, so they can come to an agreement. The mediator can provide legal information, but not a legal opinion. He then prepares a report outlining the parties' informal agreement, which their lawyers can draft as a contract.

Humanitarian Law

Why care?

Humanitarian causes often involve people who can't afford legal services, like the poor and refugees. To these I offer pro bono services. However, charity begins at home. I'm especially passionate about the rights of indigenous people, who still live in poverty under occupation.



Sharia ('the way,' like the Tao) is natural law, which forbids harmful things like intoxication, idolatry and cheating. It doesn't impinge on common law. You shouldn't believe anything crusaders and colonialists say about it. Muslims choose to comply with it so their wealth and offspring are legitimate.